ACET is governed by a board of the tribal representatives (designated by each member Tribe) and advisory members (appointed by a vote of the tribal representatives).  The following representatives and advisers comprise our current governing board (in alphabetical order by first name):

Tribal Representatives (designated by each member Tribe)

Tribal Administrator Archie Lynch (Haliwa Saponi)
Chief Anne Richardson (Rappahannock)
Chairman Bernard F. Barcena Jr. (Lipan Apache)
Chief Dennis Coker (Lenape)
Chief Framon Weaver (MOWA Choctaw)
Chairman George Spring Buffalo (Pocasset)
Councilman Larry Townsend (Lumbee)
Chief Mark Gould (Nanticoke-Lenape)
Councilman Reginald Tupponce (Upper Mattaponi)
Councilman Roger A. Belvin (Monacan)
Chief Thomas Dardar (United Houma Nation)
Councilman Tom Robbins (Nanticoke)

Advisory Members (appointed by a vote of the tribal representatives)

Frank Ettawageshik (Odawa)
Jack Trope, Esq. - Exec. Dir., Association on American Indian Affairs
Lance Gumbs (Shinnecock)
Ruth Garby Torres (Schaghticoke)

The ACET Governing Board appointed a General Secretary to serve as a coordinator and spokesman for the alliance:

General Secretary - Rev. John Norwood (Nanticoke-Lenape)