Publication Archives

The documents included in this archives include those produced by ACET and those from other sources which address the mission of ACET.  

ACET Produced Items (with some published in non-ACET media outlets and used here for educational purposes only)

"I Want You To Be A Colonized Indian" ACET handout during the 2023 NCAI Annual convention successfully opposing the proposed amendment to the NCAI constitution that would exclude state recognized tribes.

Decolonizing the Mindset White Paper and Decolonizing the Mindset Brochure - A joint product of ACET and the ASU Indian Legal Clinic initially presented to the NCAI Task Force on Federal Acknowledgment  in 2020

American Indian Untouchables... - December 2012 article by General Secretary John Norwood in response to the 2012 White House Tribal Leaders Summit.  This article appeared in the Native American Times and the Indian Country Today Media Network.

Interview with ACET General Secretary John Norwood - October 2012 interview answering questions about ACET in the wake of the ratification of its charter.

The following informational brochures were distributed at the 2011 and 2012 National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) conferences in response to some federally recognized tribal citizens attacking non-federally recognized tribes. The brochures were part of the successful effort to protect the voting rights of non-federally recognized tribes and preserve the integrity of NCAI during its constitutional convention. (Described in an article by Gale Courey Toensing, published in Indian Country Today)

"Heritage and Sovereignty Under Attack" 

"I Want You"

Articles, Statements, and Testimonies from Other Sources (provided for educational purposes only, views expressed may not reflect the position of ACET)

Congressional Testimony Related to Federal Acknowledgment

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

Oversight Hearing (November 18, 2009)

Patty Ferguson-Bohnee (Pointe-au-Chien) Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Arizona State University Indian Legal Clinic

Frank Ettawageshik (Odawa) of NCAI's Task Force on Federal Acknowledgment

Oversight Hearing (July 12, 2012)

Michael Anderson (Muscogee Creek) of Anderson Indian Law and former US Department of the Interior Associate Solicitor for Indian Affairs and former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs.

John Norwood (Nanticoke-Lenape) of NCAI's Task Force on Federal Acknowledgement and ACET General Secretary

Indian Country Today Article (August 8, 2012) on the hearing

House of Representatives Subcommittee on Indian Affairs Hearing

        Oversight Hearing  (June 27, 2012)

                    Chief Framon Weaver (MOWA Band of Choctaw)

                    Chief Stephen R. Adkins (Chickahominy) 

                            Oversight Hearing (March 19, 2013)

                                        Kevin Washburn, Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior

Research Papers and Publications from other Sources (provided for educational purposes only, views expressed may not reflect the position of ACET)

            The Incomplete Loom: Exploring the Checkered Past and Present of American Indian Sovereignty, by Harry S. Jackson III, Esq. 

            (Nanticoke-Lenape) an award winning paper published in the Rutgers Law Review 2012, dealing with common law recognition of tribes.

From Social Reality to Legal Fiction, by Cedric Sunray (MOWA Band of Choctaw) discusses the Indian Boarding School Legacy of Non- Federal Tribes.

The Three Rs: Reservations, Revisionism and Rhetoric. by Cedric Sunray (MOWA Band of Choctaw) discusses some of the misconceptions that lead to the suppression of the rights of historic non-federal tribes.